Entertainment, cosplay, virtual reality, contests and more !

GGC wants to offer a great selection of entertainment in the gaming universe: eSports, big videogames franchise, indie videogames, artwork, educational and medical application !


The gaming world is awesome

Walk through the hall and discover many videogames, editors, schools and hightech booths !

Artists / Indie Developers

Meet artists and indie developers

They come from far away or live next to you to share their programmers, designers, cosplayers and artistics skills !


Can you finish "Dark Souls" in 30 minutes ?

Come and see the best runs on your favorite videogame ! On Sunday you will be able to attend the GGC Speedrun Invitational with 4 internationals speedrunners who will compete to win the GGC tournament.


Your favorite characters come to life

Only a costume ? Don't be fooled ! The work put in their creation is real and comes from the skills of their creators !


Videogames in the lights

Attend to exceptional conferences given by videogames influencers, showmatchs and also tournaments finals !


More than 60hours of interactive content

Pilot drones ? A virtual archery contest ? Play with friends to a car-football game ? More than 60 hours of entertainment during the weekend !


Shake hands with web icons

Meet web icons, artists, comedians and the best of gaming sets up in Geneva for 3 days !

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